Best Lead Generation WordPress Plugins

10 Best Lead Generation WordPress Plugins

Regardless of your industry, leads are the first thing you need to grow a business. Leads are the individuals or organizations whose interests align with yours, and lead generation is the process of finding them.

Now, what is the most effective way of finding them?

Using a feature-packed lead generation plugin.

You might wonder why you need to use a lead generation plugin when you already know a few ways of generating leads. Well, your competitors are turning your potential leads into customers even before you reach them using such plugins.

So in this blog, we compiled a list of the best lead-generation plugins. Keep reading to find out the best fit for your business.

How Do WordPress Lead Generation Plugins Help?

There are numerous ways of collecting leads, and you are surely familiar with some of them. Though people disagree about which one is the best lead generation technique, using websites for collecting leads is appreciated by all. Lead generation plugins help you generate leads from your website by:

Helping you develop attractive forms to collect information about leads
Letting you build pop-ups and CTAs, including scroll boxes, lightboxes, floating bars, welcome mats, etc.
Easily integrating with other helpful plugins makes it easier to personalize and target your audience more precisely.
Building newsletters and registration forms
Allowing live chat and calls to provide better service to the audience
Sending automated emails to the right person at the right time

Now that you know how a lead generation plugin helps, it’s time to get familiar with some of the bests in this field. Before we jump into the list, let’s just address that compiling a list of the best lead-generation plugins was not easy. Nonetheless, here’s what we found.

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1. Fluent Forms

When it comes to form builder plugins, Fluent Forms is surely one of the bests. You can build the most advanced and complex forms effortlessly using the drag-and-drop feature of this plugin. And to give your forms a bespoke design, you’ll get all the necessary customizing options, and 60+ pre-built templates will be at your disposal.

To get the most out of Fluent Forms, you can integrate it seamlessly with popular plugins like Zapier, Active Campaign, Campaign Monitor, ConstantContact, Hubspot, SendinBlue, FluentCRM, etc. Which will help you manage a huge database or even run various marketing campaigns.

Now, guess what you need to pay for all these? Well, FluentCRM is free to start with. But, to get the advantage of the pro features like payment options, quiz module, and signature add-ons, you’ll need to pay $59/Year.

2. OptinMonster

Marketing Toolkit by OptinMonster

Making your potential leads opt-in to your newsletters, forms, subscriber list, etc., gets super easy with OptinMonster. You can build almost any type of popup using this plugin. On top of that, advanced popups like Yes/No optins and spin the wheel can also be created.

The page-targeting feature of this awesome plugin lets you personalize the popups according to users and the page. You can also set the popup to appear exactly when a user’s about to leave. You can generate leads using the content-locking feature as well. It asks for the audience’s email before allowing them to read your content.

This feature-packed plugin starts from only $9 per month. And the pro plan that comes with a few extra features costs $29/month.

3. WPForms


Wp forms have been helping more than 5 million businesses generate leads effortlessly. Even if we put aside everything, the huge number of people using this plugin for lead generation proves this product’s effectiveness. It’s an intuitive drag-and-drop tool that can help you build almost anything you might need to capture the attention of your website visitors.

From hundred-plus pre-built templates to almost unlimited customizing options, you’ll face no obstacle with personalizing the forms. You can even integrate WP forms with email marketing plugins or CRM plugins to take your business to the next level.

This plugin comes for free as well, like most WordPress plugins. And the paid plans start from only $39.50/year. Considering the versatile forms, you can create using this plugin; it can be a great option for any business.

4. HubSpot for WordPress


If we are to talk about anything in the WordPress industry, Hubspot always has a spot on the top. Their core CRM plugin is free, and Hubspot lets you generate leads in three ways. Using forms, live chat, and popups.

You can easily build a form using the drag-and-drop feature of this plugin. And to make sure no one leaves any of your web pages without subscribing, you can set personalized popups and chat boxes. And to make your lead generation process even smoother and more effective, Hubspot lets you integrate their plugin with other plugins on this list, like WPForms or OptinMonster.

Though the core plugin of Hubspot is free, you’ll have to pay $45/month to enjoy the paid features.

5. Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms Plugin

Ninja forms is yet another form builder plugin in our list. We couldn’t help but include this to our list as this drag-and-drop form builder plugin is super easy to use. From basic contact forms to lead generation pages, multi-page forms, conditional forms, and whatnot! You can build any type of form using this plugin.

You can even accept payments and create polls or surveys to capture leads. And you can enjoy

integration facilities that can help you connect this plugin with other email marketing plugins or CRMs, Zapier, Webhook, etc. Ninja forms is free to start with and offers a few paid plans starting from $49/Year.

6. RafflePress


You need to be visible and have a sound presence online in order to generate leads. That’s where RafflePress comes in. It can help you produce giveaways and contests that’ll go viral in a moment. You’ll also get to enjoy the huge template library.

Then there are features like social logins, email verification, landing page builder, fraud protection, success tracking, etc., to help you turn every website visitor into a lead. The best part is you can enjoy most of the features for free. And to enjoy RafflePress to the fullest, you’ll have to pay only $39.20/Year.

7. SeedProd


We all know the importance of landing pages when it comes to converting a website visitor into a lead. And that’s where SeedProd comes in as your savior. This plugin is great for building landing pages, and over one million websites are already taking advantage of it.

Thanks to the dozens of ready-made templates this plugin offers, you don’t need to know about coding at all to build attractive landing pages. And you can customize them according to your brand as well. You can use CTA buttons, testimonial blocks, timers, pricing tables, etc., to create a landing page that guarantees conversion.

To enjoy more functionalities from this same plugin, you can integrate it with powerful email marketing plugins or popular plugins like Zapier, WooCommerce, etc. You can enjoy most of the features from the free plan. And to enjoy all of it, you’ll need to pay only $39.50/Year for the pro version.

8. Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads

Popups are undoubtedly great at converting visitors into leads, and Thrive Leads is one of the best popup plugins for WordPress. Not just popups, you can build attractive optin forms and landing pages.

They even provide ready-made templates to make your job easier, and you can perform A/B testing on them to see which works better. And for personalization and targeting, you get unlimited customization features. You can enjoy all the features of Thrive Leads only by paying 97 dollars a year. And unfortunately, they don’t have any free plan.

9. Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms

If you are wondering why this list has so many form builder plugins, well, the answer lies in the question. Forms are your best weapon when it comes to acquiring leads effortlessly. And Gravity forms is yet another intuitive form builder plugin with plenty of features.

You can build almost any form to start with; then, there’s a visual form editor to help you customize your form in real-time. Using conditional logic, you can hide or show the fields, sections, pages, or submit button. And to give users a much-needed break from filling out their long forms, Gravity forms offers a save and continue feature.

They do not offer any free plan, and their basic plan starts from $59/Year. But it’s well worth it, given the features they provide.

10. Convert Pro

Convert Pro

As the name suggests, Convert Pro is actually a pro for converting your visitors into leads and leads into customers. To help you with that, they offer a drag-and-drop editor for creating forms and popups. Not to mention the wide range of triggers you’ll get for targeting the right audience at the right time with the right message.

Multi-step popups, A/B testing forms, multi-variant testing, and campaign comparison are some of the unique features that Convert Pro offers. And to make data-driven decisions, you’ll get a detailed analysis of the campaign progress. The paid plans start from $99/Year.

Ultimately, it’s you who have to make the decision, and we hope our article helps you to choose the best lead generation plugin for your business. Consider all the different aspects while choosing the plugin. And don’t forget to let us know in the comments if you think some other plugin deserves a place on the list.

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